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Take me to

#ostomyland Chat Room

Server: FEFnet - (Port: 6667)
Channel: #ostomyland
Weekly Meeting Time: 8pm GMT
every Saturday
(still open 24/7 for general chat)

My nickname there: Jason_D

Channel Operators:
Senior Ops: Danae | Kathy | Leeann | Sean | Shaz
Regular Ops: Alva | Douglas | Jimbob | Keircam (Pauline) | Simon

Channel Security Bots:
Egbert | Dory

Please note:
All channel activity is logged 24/7 for safety.
Private conversations are never logged.
Random one-line Quotes from the top 25
chat users logs appear on the channel
stats page as mentioned below.
By entering the chat room you
acknowledge and accept these notices.

How to Enter the Chat Room

There are many ways people can join the #ostomyland chat room. The easiest is via the Java Chat applet built into the website. Another popular way is via seperate software called "IRC CLients" such as mIRC.

Java Chat Options:
Please choose the size of chat screen window you want by clicking on one of the five different sized version links below (you can use the default small size window, or the larger full screen windows if you prefer). Each link will open the Chat Room in a new pop-up window, so please disable your POP UP Blockers for this link if necessary.

Default (small) Size and Colour:  
Click Here to Chat with the Default (small) Size Window

Black Background with White Text:
Full Screen Size 800x600 - 14"/15" monitors
Full Screen Size 1024x768 - 17"/19"+ monitors

White Background with Black Text:
Full Screen Size 800x600 - 14"/15" monitors
Full Screen Size 1024x768 - 17"/19"+ monitors

Access with mIRC or other IRC Client software:
Click here to Download the specially configured version of mIRC for the channel. Or, use the server and channel details at the top of the page to access the chat room with your own IRC Client on your computer.

#Ostomyland Statistics:

Have a laugh reading the random quotes from the channel; see who has said the most this month, and who has said the least; who has been the loudest, and who has been the quietest. Oh yeah, you can also see the photo's of the top 25 talkers each month.
(If you want to submit your photo to this page, please mail it Jason or Sean not forgetting to tell us the that nickname that you use in the chat room) - NB: Stats are reset on the first of each month.
View the #ostomyland statistics and pictures page

Saturday Meetings Chat Logs Mailing List:

Can't make the meeting but still want to read what happens? Sign up for copies of the Saturday Chat Logs to be mailed to you

Leave your mark on our World....

... and stick a pin in out Chat Room Guest Map. Its like a guestbook but with a map. Please note you must complete all sections of the guestmap form for the entry to be registered/show.
View the Guestmap Page

Chat Users Calander

Got an important event coming up? ... then why not post it on the chat room calendar, and set up email reminders for it and other events on there. Feel free to post about your birthday, wedding anniversary, surgery anniversaries, or surgery dates. Important tests, school exams, major sporting events or social events important to you. Post about anything and everything that's important to you that you want reminding about, or want the world to know about.
View the Calendar

Java Chat Problems?

Got Java Chat connection problems? Please!!! You MUST read this support page before asking me for help!

Channel and Meeting details
The chat room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Ostomy help, support, conversation. Off topic conversation is more than welcome, in fact we welcome it, especially when we're not having the weekly meeting.

If you have questions about life with a stoma or anything to do with this website you can talk them through with me and anyone else in the #ostomyland channel every Saturday night at 8pm UK time (Either GMT or BST (GMT+1)) depending on the time of year and daylight savings time). You are welcome to join us. Look at the clock above to see what time it is in the UK.

To access IRC you need some special software such as mIRC If you dont have a chat client you can still join in. Enter your desired name in the slot above, and click "enter". One click and you are in the room with us (theoretically). It really is that simple. For this to work you need to be using NE/IE4.X onwards for the java to run. This should be on your computer already, however if you find you only show a grey block where the chat client should be, or nothing is loading in that space then please visit for the latest version of the Java plug ins, and it should fix all the problems for you once youve installed it.

Got problems with the chat program and cannot join in the meeting? Then if I am online click the blue Live Help button at the very bottom of this (and every) page and I'll try my best to help you connect. If I'm not online email me your problems and I'll try to resolve it for you. However, as i've stated above you MUST read the support page i've written for most java chat problems FIRST. If you contact me for help i'll be asking if you've read that first, and if you havent then I'll be sending you back to read it before I help you. So there. :oP Sadly this has been necessary after spending the last three weeks chat sessions helping people to connect who all have the same problem (the java chat is just a grey box), and I never got to participate in my own chat, which isnt very fair. So if you've got a grey box up there instead of a chat program read the support page and all is revealed as to how to fix it along with other general help issues for it.

Finally, dont forget that the channel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I dont need to be there for you to use it, so if you have friends online you can schedule meetings in the channel to gain support etc. Why not post an inpromptu-meeting to the message board and start your own meeting in there! Use it... enjoy it! Its fun and once you get into it you'll be hooked!

See you there!

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