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Hollister: Conform 2 - A product of forward thinking

  • Highly flexible and low profile the Conform 2 ostomy system is a significant advance in both discretion and comfort. Many patients who have been using conventional two-piece systems say they can feel the difference it makes immediately and that the added confidence soon leads to a distinct improvement in their lifestyles. Feeling less inhibited and sure in the knowledge that their dignity will be preserved, whilst their movements will not be restricted, is the product of many important new features.
  • Comfortable and discreet

    Exceptionally low profile - both the flange and the skin barrier are slim line.

  • Slim enough not to show under clothing, so improving discretion and making your choice of clothing much less restrictive
  • Flexible tapered skin barrier conforms well to skin, folds and flexes repeatedly with skin without discomfort

    Floating flange

  • Makes application of the pouch easier for postoperative patients and for those with soft abdomens.

    New high-tech filter

  • Sophisticated design, features an inner window with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to permit the transit of gas but repels liquids or solids.
  • Helps prevent ballooning and Pancaking
  • The Filter in the drainable pouch copes well with an Ileostomist's output and with diarrhoea in Colostomy patients.

    Secure centre point lock system.

  • High security retained, despite slim design.
  • Protects against accidental pop off

    Designed to conform to body shape

  • Both drainable and closed pouches fit discreetly into groin area.
  • Gives capacity where required
  • Comfortable in everyday use

    Sizes for all stomas

  • A wide range of flange sizes 35, 45, 55 and 70mm which include pre-cut sizes together with a cut-to-fit version, ensures all sizes stoma shapes are accommodated
  • Double-sided comfort backing options for improved comfort in everyday wear
  • Transparent options for postoperative patients or for those who prefer to monitor output
  • Quiet film is rustle free, so preserving self esteem

    The freedom's in the movement.

  • Comfortable and discreet - ultra low profile and flexible
  • Kind to skin - flexible tapered barrier prevents rucks and dispenses with need for tape.
  • New high tech filter for the secure release of flatus
  • Broad range of sizes (drainable and closed) for colostomy and Ileostomy patients all features combine to enhance social confidence

    New drainable range

  • Exceptionally low profile flexible barrier to allow more freedom of movement
  • New high tech filter for the release of flatus
  • Designed to conform to body shape for greater comfort and discretion when required.
  • Skin toned, comfort backed and transparent versions available according to patient's preference

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