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Cymed: Ileostomy Products


One Piece Drainable Pouches with Integral MicroDerm Plus Washer
This 11" pouch with the MicroSkin Adhesive Barrier has a durable MicroDerm Plus Washer to provide additional protection to the peristomal skin. The pouch has a tapered shape, odor-proof film and comfort backing. Available in opaque and transparent pouches, with cut-to-fit and pre-cut sizes. Each box contains 10 pouches.

Two-Piece Systems

Cymed's Two-Piece Systems
Our two-piece pouches are like no other on the market. Completely flat and flexible, our flange has no rigid ring. The two-piece barriers have a flexible vinyl flange and the two piece pouches have an adhesive backing that sticks securely when placed on the flange. The pouches are removable, allowing access to the stoma.


Two-piece system adhesive barriers
This two-piece MicroSkin adhesive barrier comes with an integral MicroDerm Plus washer for additional protection and durability. The attached vinyl flange is designed to hold a two-piece Cymed adhesive pouch. May be used with the more tapered Platinum two-piece drainable pouch or with any Cymed two-piece pouch. Each box contains 5 barriers.

Platinum Series two-piece system drainable pouches
This 11" drainable pouch has an adhesive seal designed to adhere to the vinyl flange on Cymed's two piece MicroSkin adhesive barriers. Odor-proof with comfort backing, this pouch is available in clear and opaque. This pouch is slightly more tapered at the bottom than the standard Cymed pouch. Each box contains 10 pouches.

Two-piece system closed-end pouches
This 8" closed-end pouch is opaque and odor-proof. It has a comfort backing and charcoal filter vent. The adhesive seal is designed to adhere to the vinyl flange on any of Cymed's two piece barriers. Each box contains 15 pouches.


MicroSkin Applicator
This plexiglass applicator provides a curved rolling surface to ease the application of MicroSkin to the abdomen. A mirror on the handle allows you to view the stoma during application.

MicroHesive™ Stoma Paste
An adhesive paste designed to fill minor irregularities and protect the peristomal skin.

Drainable Pouch Clamp
A durable, beige-colored and latex-free clamp, for sealing the end of drainable pouches. Each box contains 3 clamps.

"Peel and Stick" Drainable Pouch Closure
This pliable closure sticks to drainable end of the pouch. Each box contains 30 pouch closures.

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