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Section: Manufacturer's and their Products
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Cymed: Product Comparisons

Cymed Ostomy Products Are:

THIN: Thinner than plastic food wrap (about 1/1000th of an inch). Most competing products are about as thick as a cardboard box.

STRETCHABLE: MicroSkin is 5 times more stretchable than human skin; when you move, the MicroSkin moves with you. Other ostomy products have very little stretchability, leading to gaps between the skin and the barrier with body movement.

MOISTURE-VAPOR PERMEABLE: MicroSkin allows moisture to escape from the skin's surface, allowing the skin to breathe and helping to prevent problems caused by excessive moisture build-up. Competing ostomy appliances trap sweat between the product and the skin, leading to problems with adhesion and skin irritation.

STRONG: MicroSkin stays on through even strenuous physical activity without belts or tape. Competing pouches and barriers often come loose far too easily, and in inappropriate circumstances.

COMFORTABLE: MicroSkin adhesives are strong and adhere to the skin around the stoma without irritation. Some other products use belts, which are awkward and can pinch and irritate the skin and stoma.

LIGHT: The MicroSkin barrier is nearly weightless; wearers often say that they can't tell they're wearing a barrier. By comparison, other products are heavy, rigid hardware.

EASY TO REMOVE: MicroSkin leaves the skin clean of any adhesive residue when removed. Other products often leave behind a sticky film that must be removed using a special cleanser before another barrier can be applied.

FLEXIBLE: MicroSkin is soft, flexible and elastic, unlike competing products, which tend to be hard plastic.

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