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Chapter 06: At the Hospital

The big day has finally arrived and you present yourself at the hospital ready for everything they can throw at you.

For most younger Colostomists this will be your first major operation, and hopefully your last! So what can you expect to happen during your stay in hospital?

What follows is a rough day by day guide to life on the ward when you're having a Colostomy. Obviously not all hospitals or wards have the same routine or procedures and this is a rough guide only, so don't think you're dying if you get a few extra Doctor's coming to see you, or spend a few days longer in hospital!

Day's one and two are pretty much the same whether you have open surgery or laproscopic/keyhole surgery. These two days cover pre-op prep on day one, and the op iteself on day two. Some keyhole operations will be prepped and the operation done in one day. It's all down to the surgeon and hospital. The recouperation days afterwards though are very much different, and therefore day 2 onwards will be split into "Open Surgery" and "Key Hole Surgery" versions.

Day One: Open Surgery & Keyhole Surgery

Day Two: Open Surgery & Keyhole Surgery

Day Three: Open Surgery
Day Three: Keyhole Surgery

Day Four: Open Surgery
Day Four: Keyhole Surgery

Day Five: Open Surgery
Day Five: Keyhole Surgery

Day Six: Open Surgery

Day Seven: Open Surgery

Discharge: Open Surgery & Keyhole Surgery

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