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Chapter 04: What does a Stoma look like?

This is an ileostomy stoma. It protrudes like
this so that the liquid stool does not burn
the skin. The stoma is located on the right hand
side of the tummy.
This is a colostomy stoma. Note how it is
flusher with the skin, and located on the left
hand side of the tummy.
This is a close up of a colostomy stoma.
It may look sore and red but this is normal and there
is no discomfort from a stoma. My own stoma
smaller, less red and does not protrude so much.
So it goes to show that no two
stoma's are the same.
Photographs on this page are provided by, and copyrighted to, Coloplast UK Ltd. These pictures originally appeared in "Charter"; the magazine they publish every quarter for UK ostomists, and are used with their kind permission. To get your free copy call them on 0800 132787, or visit their website for more details.

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