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Java Chat Program Update - v2.8 - Launched 13th October 2004

New Features and Changes at a Glance:

  • Confiq screen now allows you to enter your Nickserv password before connecting
  • Channel Text Now Copy and Paste-able
  • Right Click Menu on Nickname Listing
  • Ability to be in more than one channel at a time
  • Coming Soon: DCC File Transfer Capability
See below for full details and instructions for new features.

  • No more smilies faces next to names
  • Boxes to change text colour and make text Bold have been removed
See below for full details.

Bug Fixes since last version:
  • Fixed bug that prevents really long URLs from being clickable
  • Registration Key Problems for Mac OS users hopefully fixed too

New Features Instructions:

Confiq screen now allows you to enter your Nickserv password before connecting

You will notice that a new box has appeared on the Java Chat configuration screen (see screenshot below), called "Optional Nickserv Password". As the name says, this is optional. You need only insert a password if you have registered your IRC Chat Nickname with Nickserv on Full details of how to register your nickname with Zirc can be found on the IRC Commands page.

If you have not registered your nickname with Nickserv, simply leave the box blank.

Above: Screenshot showing the new Nickserv Password box. Notice how you dont have to put your name in the "Real Name" box. Most people use it to place their message of the day, or something funny.

Channel Text Now Copy and Paste-able:
If you see something interesting in the channel that you want to keep a note of, it is now possible to copy and paste the channel contents. Here's how to do it.

1. Highlight the text as you would in any program (note: it will only let you highlight complete lines)

2. Right click your mouse on the highlighted text and click the COPY command (as shown below)

3. This copies the text to a new pop up window. Now you need to highlight this new text, and copy it one last time.

4. Your text is now ready to copy into E-mails, a Word Processor or anywhere else you feel the need to share our words of wisdom.

Right Click Menu on Nickname Listing:
In the past, the java chat client was very limited with the commands you could action with a Click instead of having to know the code command etc. Not any longer!

Now, when you highlight (ie Click On) a persons name in the nickname list on the right hand side of the chat window you will be able to Right Click on that highlighted section to reveal the following commands, as shown in the screenshot.

Here's an explaination of each command.
  • Private Chat: Self explanatory. You can still action a private chat by double clicking the name as you have always been able to.
  • Ignore: Someone annoying you? Click to add them to the ignore list, and you'll no longer see anything they type. Click again to remove the ignore status. (Note: The ignore will reset when the ignored-user leaves the channel. If they came back in, you'd have to add them again.)
  • Whois: Shows you the information the server has about a user. i.e. which server they are using, their "real name" or message of the day (if you have entered either in the config screen), if their name is registered, how long they have been online, and so on. (Note: There is no way to make this information unavailable, it is a standard feature of IRC, always has been, always will be.)
  • Op user: This is a feature solely for channel operators, and will not work for the majority of users. It simply allows you to give operator status to anyone who hasnt got it.
  • Kick user: Again, a "Ops Only" feature that allows you to kick out the losers.
  • Ping user: "Pinging" a user allows you to determine if you, or the target user, is lagging. Whilst java users can send Ping command requests, you will not get a reply from a java user. You can only successfully Ping the channel op's and anyone else who is using a proper IRC Client like mIRC or X-Chat.

Ability to be in more than one channel at a time:
Before with the java chat if you wanted to join a second channel you had to leave the one you were already in. Not any longer.

Simply type: /join <channel name> or, click the CONFIQ button to return to the Configuration screen and choose a new channel from the drop down list.

Important Note: You may only use the java chat to gain access to channels are listed in the drop-down channel list on the config screen. You may not use it to access other channels or networks on IRC.

Every so often, #ostomyland holds a trivia contest in our sister channel - #trivialand. From now on, when the trivia contest is on, #trivialand will be added to the channel listings and Java Users will be able to join both channels at once.

To skip between channels: You can only "see" one channel at a time but you can be joined to both channels at once. To skip from one channel to another simply click the appropriate channel name from the nickname list on the right hand side of the Java Window.

Coming Soon: DCC File Transfer Capability Thats right! At long last you'll be able to send and receive files through the Java Chat client, so finally you can share in the photos that people send and share with each other, or share your own files too. Full details and instructions will appear once the feature is fully stable and out of its test period.


No more smilies faces next to names
Sorry, but there are no longer smilies next to peoples names. The reason for their removal was because people kept asking to have a certain smilie by their name, and they didnt realise that the faces actually refered to someones status in the channel.

The smilies have been replaced with the official IRC symbols for each status. Namely "@" means that person is a channel operator (an op). "+" means the user is a "Bot" (Channel security bot - Egbert). People with no symbol next to their name are the regular users, the life blood of the channel.

Boxes to change text colour and make text Bold have been removed
Im afraid so... no more coloured text for Java Chat users. The colour choices were causing big problems for all users. If no one picked a colour then everything was fine, but once people started to pick colours their choices would clash with other peoples background colours (ie white text wouldnt show up on someones white background) and when people used bright colours we used to get complaints about the colours being hard to read or too bright. (*sigh*). Unfortunately, the way the Java Program is set up means that when the colour box is removed, so too is the Bold Type box, which I personally would have been happy to leave there.

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