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How to Make a Donation

It is simple - regardless of if you have an existing Paypal account or not! Honest.

Simply click the Donation button above, then insert the amount you would like to donate - Please note: All donations are in UK Pounds Sterling. (Currency Convertor available here if required)

The next step depends on if you have an existing Paypal account or not. If you do, insert your login details, and the rest is explained for you from there.

If you don't have an existing Paypal account, don't worry. Donating will automatically create a Paypal account for you. Simply select which country you are in, fill out your credit card and address details, choose a password, and careful complete the security box where you have to type out the letters it randomly generates. Finally check back all the details are correct, and then when you are happy with everything click on CONTINUE.

After clicking continue you are taken to a page that briefly repeats your donation information, and converts the amount donated into your home-currency if applicable.

Please note: Your home address and credit card number is kept confidential by Paypal - they are not forwarded to me. I simply get an email informing me that a donation has been added to my account, and the name of the person who sent it, along with any message that you may have chosen to include with your donation.

Useful Paypal Information - Please read carefully
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* = If you need help with the donation process please contact Paypal directly as I cannot really help with it as it is their software and programming. Thanks.

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How Donations Help the Website

This website is free. Always has been. Always will be. I will NEVER make it a paying-members-only subsciption based website, as the most important thing for me about this website is that Osotmists old and new all find the information, friendship and support that they need via these pages.

In a way, the site has become a victim of it's own success. The recent sharp increase in visitor numbers has meant last year I ended up having to move the website away from it's free-webspace provider, to a pay-account with a commerical webpace provider.

The sheer amount of bandwith this site uses with over 1500 hits every single day means that the charges for the site soon add up.

At time of writing the annual costs for the website are probably in the region of 200+ per annum - what with webspace costs, java chat license, domain names, and of course computer wear and tear as most of my computer-time is spent around this site in some form or other. This money - so far - has always come from my pocket, as I have no financial sponsorship agreement with the companies featured on this site, and the click-banners on the top of each page generates very little towards the upkeep of the site - at the moment it's a couple of Dollars per quarter maximum (Quarter = 3 months).

So, donations are very much welcome to help keep the website running as I am now struggling to afford the upkeep of the site and am genuinely worried about how I am going to pay for the webspace account renewal which is the largest chunk of the running costs. Any funds donated to the site via the donations page will be shovelled straight back into the website. Be it renewal of webspace accounts, or domain names, or introducing new services to the site for people to benefit from.

If you make a donation I'd like to take this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU for your generousity and support for the website.

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In memory of Mich from NL.
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