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Salts: Medilink

Please Note: The following is only relevant to the United Kingdom. Patients in other countries should contact their own hospital or Patient Support/Ostomy Chapter for correct information regarding prescription services and product availability.

  • For all makes of Ostomy and Continence Products on Prescription
  • Salts Medilink is the UK's first 24 Hour* Home Delivery Service which aims to take the fuss out of obtaining supplies
  • Discreet and Confidential
  • Free 24 Hour Home Delivery Service
  • All makes supplied
  • 24 Hour manned emergency telephone
  • Free toiletry bag with first order
  • Free disposable wipes
  • Free disposapacs
  • Free pre-paid envelopes
  • Nationwide network of Customer Care Centres

    How does it work?
    To use Salts Medilink simply follow these 3 steps:


  • Simply obtain your prescription from your local GP
  • Check that prescriptions for medicines are separate from your appliance requirements
  • Check that the details are correct and sign the back of your prescription


  • Post the prescription to Salts Medilink, at FREEPOST BM 2652, BIRMINGHAM, B7 4BR, and include template if cutting service is required
  • For information about your nearest Customer Care Centre, and their address, select the appropriate area on the map above


  • For urgent supplies, telephone FREEPHONE 0800 626388 and post your prescription as soon as possible.

    Free Cut-to-Fit Service
    Nobody knows better than the Salts Medilink Cutting Service the importance of having a well-fitted flange and appliance. A poor fit can lead to the contents of the pouch leaking onto the skin, which can mean soreness and discomfort.

    Cutting your own pouches can become a real chore if you use a pouch or more a day, especially for people with arthritis or poor manual dexterity.

    With Salts Medilink's free cut-to-fit service, the fuss of cutting your own pouches is taken away. No more sore fingers! The service, which is available to anyone, works in exactly the same way as placing an order. Send in your prescription with a template of your stoma. Your pouches are then cut and dispatched in the usual way. The templates are held on file so every time you reorder, your pouches can be cut without the need to measure again. If your stoma changes, simply cut another template to fit and return it with your next prescription; a new template is provided in every box with the cut pouches just in case. This replaces your old template in our files.

    Donald MacLaren of Invernesshire had been cutting his own pouches since his ileostomy in 1993. While placing his order with Salts Medilink, he mentioned that he wasn't able to get quite the right fit. We suggested that he might like to try the Cutting Service. That was a year ago and Mr MacLaren hasn't looked back since!

    Great care and attention to detail is maintained in the cutting process. Each pouch is individually hand cut to ensure accuracy and quality. Emphasis is placed on the personal attention given to each in dividual's needs when a product is hand cut.

    If you have any problems with the fitting of your pouches you should always contact your Stoma Care Nurse for help and advice.

    Holiday Emergency Service
    Trust Salts Medilink to Deliver!

  • Peace of mind when you're far from home

    You look forward to your holiday and you deserve the break, but for many ostomists or incontinence sufferers travelling (especially abroad) can mean anxious moments. Luggage goes missing and handbags do get stolen - or you might simply forget to pack enough appliances for your stay, so it's vital you have an emergency plan.

    Fortunately, there's Salts Medilink - The Free 24 Hour* Home Delivery Service for all ostomy and incontinence products. Now on call throughout the UK and abroad to cope with holiday emergencies, providing ostomy products as quickly as we can so your holiday isn't ruined.

    Deliveries can be made anywhere in the UK or abroad to holiday homes, friends and relatives' addresses or hotels - discreet and confidential as our Home Delivery Service, leaving you free to get on with the business of relaxing and enjoying yourself.

    What do I do in an emergency?
    UK Holidays - Telephone FREEPHONE 0800 626388
    Your appliances will be delivered to your holiday destination within* 24 hours of your phone call

    Always carry your Salts Medilink Personal Number Card with the FREEPHONE number on it

    Quote your personal number, this allows for easy identification of your requirements

    (*Except Highlands & Islands and subject to availability)

    Overseas Holidays - Telephone Central Customer Services on 00 44 121 333 2000

    Quote your personal number enabling immediate identification of the appliances you use and rapid delivery to your holiday destination

    Call Salts today for your FREE information MediPack.

    Information Pack
    Send for your copy of our Salts Medilink Information Pack, including details of how to receive a free travelcare toiletry bag

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    In memory of Mich from NL.
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