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Convatec: Two Piece Products

When the ConvaTec Stomahesive® Wafer with Two-Piece Flange and Two-Piece Pouches were introduced in 1978, they represented the first two-piece disposable system in the ostomy market. A two-piece system provided people with ostomies an alternative to the daily replacement of a one-piece system. The Two-Piece flange allows the pouch to be removed and reapplied, without removing the wafer, while providing a secure, leakproof pouch attachment. The flange also permits the patient to easily switch pouch types to meet changing lifestyle needs.

Two-Piece Drainable Pouches
The Two-Piece Drainable Pouch is used in the management of fecal stomas. Composed of a lightweight plastic material that provides an odor free barrier and is quiet under clothing. The flange is compatible with a range of ConvaTec two-piece wafers and can be easily removed for venting or changing, using the pouch tab.

Two-Piece Closed Pouches
The Two-Piece Closed-End Pouch is used in the management of fecal stomas. It is ideal for use by people with a colostomy and by others when convenience matters most, such as social settings or when traveling. It utilizes a Two-Piece flanging system and is compatible with a range of ConvaTec two-piece wafers.

Two-Piece Urostomy Pouches
The Two-Piece Urostomy Pouch was developed for use in the management of urinary diversions. It has a non-return valve to prevent urine from pooling at the base of the stoma, thereby preventing leakage and extending wear time. It has a drainage tap to permit rapid emptying and leakproof security. The Two-Piece Urostomy Pouch is similar to other ConvaTec Two-Piece pouches in that it provides easy access to the stoma for inspection, cleaning, and pouch replacement. A night drainage adapter easily connects to a container for continuous nighttime drainage.

High Output Drainable Pouch
The Two-Piece High Output Drainable Pouch is well suited for patients who have high output ileostomies, jejunostomies, or duodenostomies. It is also ideal for those suffering from "short-bowel" or "short-gut" syndrome. Because they have little intestine left to absorb food nutrients, patients with short bowel syndrome require large capacity ostomy pouches. It features a drainage tap at the bottom to facilitate overnight draining of high output ostomies.

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